I.R.I.D.E. - Istituto per la Ricerca e l'Ingegneria dell'Ecosostenibilità
I.R.I.D.E. - Institute for Eco-Sustainability Research and Engineering

About us

More than 15 years have passed since a group of "experts in the field", sensing its absence in the disciplinary panorama, decided to create a structure that would, on the one hand, contribute to the definition of design methods capable of making the relationship between "civil works" and "environment" more and more meaningful and concrete, and, on the other hand, apply their solutions to concrete cases.

"the relationship between 'civil works' and the 'environment', and to apply their solutions to concrete cases.

On the one hand theory, through research, and on the other hand practice, through engineering services, in other words the Institute for Eco-Sustainability Research and Engineering.

While in the beginning the focus was on research, for more than a decade now I.R.I.D.E. has been developing "environmental engineering" activities, supporting the development of important national infrastructure initiatives and setting itself the future goal of being able to reach the coveted goal of talking about "environmental engineering".

"engineering for the environment".

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What Do We Do

The Institute for Eco-Sustainability Research and Engineering was founded as a structure aimed at research and experimentation of innovative paths towards a concrete and widespread application of the principles of eco-sustainability in the engineering sector.

Today, IRIDE is an environmental engineering company that, inspired by the same spirit, offers qualified assistance to organisations and companies in all areas of environmental consultancy. At the same time, it continues to develop innovative solutions and proposals, including through the creation of a special RISE (Research and Innovation for Sustainable Environment) structure, which takes the form of an innovative start-up and, more specifically, a research spin-off, financed by the Lazio Region.

In environmental consulting and planning, IRIDE makes use of a large working group, because these are the areas of expertise and specialisation related to sustainability, and through a simple but well-articulated organisation.

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Believing in research is one of the founding principles of the Institute's organisational model, which bases its activities on contributions from the university world and, more generally, from experts in the various disciplines relating to the paradigm of sustainable development.

An inalienable contribution to the achievement of ever greater knowledge and competence in the pursuit of eco-sustainable development that does not neglect relations with the institutions and bodies responsible for regulating the subject.

IRIDE has chosen to dedicate one of the two areas that make up its organisational model to the research sector, and has developed a series of collaborations, both with university departments and with other engineering companies, which have led to the development of study methods and modelling for the analysis and optimisation of complex scenarios.

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For more than 15 years IRIDE has been supporting public and private applicants in the field of permitting, analysis and environmental design. With more than 500 contracts for over 60 clients, IRIDE possesses first-rate expertise both in terms of territory, having carried out studies throughout Italy, and in terms of the different types of works handled. This means that those who rely on us can count on expert advice both from the point of view of territorial peculiarities and the structural, operational and functional diversity of the works being planned.

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